• (September 18, 2019) Finestre sull’Arte overview review

• (Agust 8, 2019) Finestre sull’Arte review of I Crepuscolori (TwiLight)

• (August 2019) Siena Comunica I Crepuscolari, Roberto Bocci

• (April 2020 )Anacostia Arts Center Vivid Gallery solo show

• (2019 )Received a Georgetown University Senior Research Fellowship for the Fall semester of 2019

• (August 2019) TwiLight Silhouette, Those Who Come and Those Who Leave, solo show at the Cesare Olmastroni Gallery, Palazzo Patrizi, Via di Citta, 75, Siena, Italy (August 2019). Catalogue booklet here (view in Adobe Acrobat)


• (2019) Futurismo@PostFuturismo Group show, April - May 2019. See catalogue here and a Video here.


• (2019) MetroRail 2014 solo show. Georgetown University Spagnolo South gallery

• Fall 2018 Grant in Aid from Georgetown University to produce the TwiLight solo exhibition

• (2018) TwiLight Silhouette solo show at VisArt (March 23 to April 22, 2018). Opening Reception and Artist Talk: Friday, April 6, 7-9 PM


• (2017) Fall 2017 Grant in Aid from Georgetown University to produce new works.

(2016) Fall 2016 Grant in Aid from Georgetown University to develop the Washington DC, panorama project

(2016) 2016 Streams Washington DC, 55"x16' panorama installed at 2401 Wilson Boulevard (corporate collection)

(2014) Summer 2014 Grant from Georgetown University to develop the Metro Rail project

• (2014) Arlington County Spot Light Grant to develop the Metro Rail projet

• (2014) Metro Rail Solo show (9/2/2014 to 12/2/2014) at Heurich Gallery, Washington DC. Curated by Jean Efron. See the press release


• ( 2014). Artist talk held during the opening of the Heurich gallery Metro Rail show

• (2014). FotoWeek DC Foto Talks. Artist talk on the Metro Rail project and panorama photography

• (2014) Metro Rail Solo show (9/10 to 12/2/2014) at the Artisphere video monitor administrative Corridor gallery. Artisphere, Arlington Virginia

• The Washington Post, September 5, 2014. "Roberto Bocci's art turns Metro into a form of time travel." Review by Vicky Hallett

• Washington DC. City Paper, September 15, 2014. "In Photography and Video, a Moody Paean to Washington's Metro System," review by Louis Jacobson

• The Washington Post, November 29, 2014. "Roberto Bocci's Metro Rail." Review by Mark Jenkins