Flipped Orlando 2013


Flipped Orlando is a site specific invitational  project for the Orlando Museum of Contemporary Art (OMA) that portrays my experiences as a first time visitor of Americana culture at the Orlando Florida entertainment parks. As I wondered all day around the Disney and Sea World parks experiencing jolting roller coaster rides or walking by plastic simulations of the Venetian San Marco tower and other historical sites my thoughts kept going back to Italy, the country were I was born and were I grew up. And then BANG … BANG !! another jolt pushed Mickey Mouse and his friends right back in front of me. At the end of the day I truly wondered if I was still experiencing reality, a simulation or maybe I was being FLIPPED between two states of being. The images I shot resulted in a series of vertical 360 degree flipped composite panoramas. To read the curatorial statement by OMA curator Azela Santana please download the 104 page exhibition catalogue. All prints are archival digital prints 60x24".

©RobertoBocci 2013. Click the images below  to enlarge