Interiors 1989-1994

The Time Exposure Interiors series was driven by a desire to expand the exposure duration of my photographs and integrate a painting / drawing process with photography. To shoot time-exposures the shutter of a film or digital camera is opened and the subject is selectively painted and illuminated with flashlights and strobes. This technique allows for the repetition of figures and objects throughout the space to create a feeling of time passage and animation. The process often generates unpredictable distortions and forms that offer interesting new means of artistic expression. These forms and the space they inhabit become metaphors for mental and physical conditions and portray the interior of the photographer's mind. Time exposures allow for the creation of images that extend the ability of photography to express a personal point of view. They also expand the duration of the photographic exposure from a fraction of a second to hours and at times days. For the Time Exposures 1989-1997 pdf Book file please contact Roberto Bocci. All photographs are gelatin silver and digital prints editions of 5 and 2 artist's proofs.

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