TwiLight  2014-15

TwiLight  is a series of panoramas shot over a time interval of proximately 90 minutes before and after sunset. The resulting images are loaded with metaphoric   and symbolic meaning hovering between Day and Night, Lightness and Darkness, and Being and Non-Being. All the images for TwiLight were shot in Italy. This project is also a tribute to my father Velio Bocci who in 1957 was living in Siena, Italy and was dating my mother who lived and worked in Rome. Every time they would get together my father would give her a watercolor he painted as a sign of his love. The subject, format and lighting of these watercolors closely resemble the format I adopted in TwiLight. While growing up in Italy I often looked through my father's watercolors and always felt I should create a series that would extend and honor his vision. My father's paintings, his sensibility and the light that animates the Italian landscape at dusk are the sources of inspiration for this work.

©RobertoBocci 2015. Click the images below  to enlarge